bay window jendela bersudut
block plan rencana blok; blok plan
canopy kanopi a projecting roof structure that shelters an entrance
cladding dinding luar; dinding lembaran the material used for the outside facing of a building, etc
cobblestone jalan batu (templek/hampar)
curtain wall dinding tirai
fascia board lisplang a board that is nailed vertically at the ends of roof rafters; sometimes supports a gutter
floor plan denah rumah/bangunan
frame construction konstruksi rangka
gable (dinding) sopi-sopi the triangular upper part of a wall between the sloping ends of a pitched roof (gable roof)
girder penopang
jalousie jalusi
landing bordes the floor area at the top of a flight of stairs or between two flights of stairs
lateral force gaya lateral
load bearing wall dinding pemikul beban
parquet parket
pergola pergola
pitched roof atap pelana
plan denah
roof plan denah atap
shutter kerai
skylight atap kaca, tingkap cahaya

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